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Most of us are aware of the many wonders that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of the cannabis plant bring. It's known for its medicinal properties and euphoric effect. But, little is known about its not-so-distant 'relative,' the delta-8-THC. While both are cannabinoids and THC at that, they have slight differences. Delta 8 differs in more than one ways from delta-9. But, Delta-8's distinctness, however, works to its advantage. And with that, more and more people are trying out delta-8 products, giving up their fondness for the other more common THC type derived from the cannabis plant.

In fact, cannabinoid users around the world flock to vaping stores to try this new THC vape product. But, what is it exactly?

In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to know about the delta-8-THC compound, what it is for, the delta-8 vape carts, sale and price, and product reviews.

What is Delta-8-THC?

Delta-8 is one of the more than one hundred known cannabinoids. It sits along the more popular delta-9-THC and CBD, albeit different in some aspects and similar in others.

It is derived from the federally legal industrial hemp plant and was first isolated in the 1940s. It didn't become an instant hit primarily because only very little delta-8-THC extract can be gathered from the hemp. The unavailability of large quantities of delta-8-THC, the scarcity of hemp, and the lack of advanced extracting technology is the reason for delta 8's delayed popularity.

Thankfully, modern extracting methods came out, making it possible to extract more amounts of delta-8, making it readily available.

Delta 8 Isomer

How Does It Work?

The compound delta-8-THC binds to the receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating various bodily processes such as pain perception, sleep, cognitive processes, appetite, fertility and pregnancy, and mood. The specific receptors where delta-8-THC clings to are the CB1 receptors, predominantly found in various organs, especially the ones forming the central nervous system. This explains how delta-8-THC works in regulating many of the body's response.

Delta-8-THC, Delta-9-THC and CBD

As stated earlier, this rising rock start is somewhat similar and slightly different from its cousin, the delta-9-THC, and its fellow cannabinoid, the CBD. Let's take a closer look at their similarities and distinctness. Doing so will give us an idea of what to expect when using delta-8 products, such as delta-8 distillate in vaping cartridges.

Source: Delta-9-THC is primarily derived from cannabis plants, while delta-8-THC and CBD come from the industrial hemp.

Euphoria: Delta-9-THC produces high, and so delta-8- THC. But, d8's high is clearer and fresher than the more famous THC. CBD, on the other hand, does not have psychoactive effect, similar to CBG.

Health benefits: All the three cannabinoids claim to have healing benefits and help alleviate many health conditions.

d8 THC vs d9 THC vs CBD

Health Claims

Knowing which receptors delta-8-THC binds to, we now get a clearer picture of which body functions and processes are affected and influenced by the hemp-derived delta-8-THC.

The following are desired effects of THC, delta-8 type.

  • Pain alleviation: Like its close cousin delta-9-THC, this hemp-derived delta-8-THC is also a potent pain reliever.
  • Anti-emetic/ anti-nauseate effects: Delta-8-THC products are proven to prevent nausea and vomiting resulting from cancer chemotherapy treatment.
  • Better Sleep: Delta-8-THC promotes good sleep, owing to its relaxing effects.
  • Enhanced mood and energy: Because it gives a clearer high, it improves mood and energizes the body.

Some of these health claims are yet to be proven by studies, but customers have not shied away from expressing how this wonder product has helped their various health conditions. Positive customer reviews keep on pouring in. All these reviews only adds to the increasing popularity of delta-8-THC products.

However, Food And Drug Administration reminds that while many health benefits were claimed, 8-THC delta should never be advertised as a product that treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Neither should it be intended to diagnose, treat, cure any medical condition. Before taking THC delta-8, seek for medical advice from your physician, just as you would do before taking in THC delta-9. Talk to your physician to harness the real benefits of this hemp product.

Generally, because effects of delta 8 are yet to be closely studied, it pays to practice caution when using any delta-8 products, be it THC vape carts and others.

Does Delta 8 Have Vape Cartridge?

Yes. Delta-8 is packaged in different forms, to allow customers to choose which type of product to use and how to take it.

Delta-8-THC distillate is one of the hemp products made from the compound's concentrate. Delta 8 distillate is very viscous that its consistency becomes almost solid at room temperature. This delta-8 distillate make it into a cartridge, making a delta-8-THC vape cartridge.

Delta 8 Cartridge

Is a D8 THC Vape Cart Good?

Definitely! When you vape a THC distillate, it becomes readily available in the body and absorption is quicker. With it, you can experience the effects more quickly than if you use another product with d8 THC content, such as edibles.

Let's compare the onset, duration and peak time of THC effects when you use a THC vape product versus when you use a THC edible product.

Delta-8 Edible Product

Onset: 30 minutes to 90 minutes

Duration: 5 hours

Peak: 60 minutes

Delta-8 Vape

Onset: Within a few minutes

Duration: 1-5 hours

Peak: gradual phase out

On top of these, some vape cartridge come with different flavors, and are even in infused with vitamin E and other hem-derived terpenes. Terpenes make a good addition to vape as they enhance efficacy provide a better hit. But this will only hold true when the terpenes used in the delta-8 THC vape cartridges are as clean as the delta-8 itself.

D8 Vape Cartridge Price

There are different factors the determine the price of a delta-8-THC vape cartridge like Blue Dream. You can buy a cheaply priced delta-8-THC vape cartridge but the quality may not be guaranteed.

When out to buy a delta-8-THC vape cartridge, consider the following:

  • Quality
  • Support
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Packaging
  • Strength

These factors will affect the price of the delta-8-THC vape cartridge. The cheapest cartridge deal is not always the best. Look for a cartridge with positive reviews, like the Blue Dream D8. It's easily one of the best you can have. It comes with various flavors. Just make sure to bundle a vape cart battery as you'll be needing those to consume all the Blue Dream you will want to get.

Delta 8 vape cartridge battery

Are D8 Products Legal in The United States?

Yes. Currently, delta 8 products such as delta 8 THC vape cartridges, d8 THC edibles are legal in the United States. No state laws ban the sale and consumption of delta-8-THC products. That is, as long as these products adhere to the 2018 Farm Bill. The 2018 Farm Bill legalizes the production of hemp, and its products. The reason why no state laws ban the use of delta-8-THC is because it comes from hemp. And what separate hemp from the cannabis, and made it legal, is that hemp cannot contain more than .3% of delta-9-THC, the compound primarily known to induce psychoactive effects.

Will Delta 8-THC Product Become Illegal?

So long as delta-8 and delta-9 products adhere to the Farm Bill of 2018, then D8 products are safe from the ban. It is when the products are infused with intoxicating terpenes other than HDT, and higher level of D9-THC that a THC product becomes hot in the eyes of the authorities and regulators.

Will D8 THC be Detected in Drug Tests?

Yes. Drug tests usually look for THC in either blood or urine. Since delta-8-THC are THC nonetheless, it will be traced in a drug test. If you do not want to be bothered by a positive drug test result when taking in delta-8-THC for medical purposes, allow some time to take it off your system.


The production of more plant-derived commodities that help relieve many of human ailments is a welcome change in the cannabis industry. In as long as these are used responsibly, they will continue to effect a positive change in the human health