Disposable Vapes

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The puff bar started the disposable vape craze in late 2018. After the FDA banned any vaping device that contained a pre filled pod with a flavor that was not either Menthol or Tobacco. Even though the smoking age had been raised to 21, and vapes were only intended for adult smokers, this nicotine salts product was removed from the market.

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The Birth of the Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes had never existed in puff bar form factor. The battery and vape juice were in the same piece. They were easy to use, and provided the same throat hit and vapor production using a similar salt nicotine found in the prefilled pods previously on the market. This type of vape item quickly caught on. Though other companies introduced a similar disposable vape containing similar nicotine, the Puff Bar was considered the best disposable on the market.

During the first year that disposable vapes were on the market, the Puff bar quickly replaced vape pods flavors that had been banned by the FDA. Nicotine strengths were almost entirely at 5%(50mg). Even though a disposable vape was not considered a smoking cessation product, many who were previously smoking migrated to this type of e cig, as an alternative to typical e cigarettes.

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Disposable vapes quickly came under fire by anti vaping groups concerning targeting kids that were under the legal smoking age. And though specialty vape shops insured that customers must be of legal age to purchase and provided warning this product contains nicotine, the entire vape industry came under fire once again.

The Smoking Age Changes to 21 at the Federal Level

After the legal smoking age was increased to 21 years old for all e cigs, vapes, and e liquids, many anti vape groups helped push to make vape pods illegal. This push was the primary reason for the birth of disposable vapes.

The Evolution of the Disposable Vape

Higher strength nicotine had been available in many flavors, in nic salt form for a few years. But many consumers wanted to purchase products that were prefilled, and did not require refilling. The early disposable vapes were 300 puff, but the Chinese manufacturers quickly developed new nicotine products that were larger in size, and rivaled e cig kits that sold for a much higher price.

The Shopping Cart Changes

Disposable vapes moved from 300 to 600 puff, though the nicotine level remained at 5%/50mg. Though nicotine is an addictive substance, and considered an addictive chemical, these vapes became immensely popular in a short time. They provided adequate throat hit, and were easy to use. The majority of disposable vape may contain propylene glycol, as most flavorings are mixed with PG.

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The Type Shop To Carry Disposable Vape Pods Decreases

At the same time, the selection of kits vapor that carried fruit flavors for the pods was eliminated. The disposable vape had changed forever! Vape Juice was still available in e cigs that used lower nicotine strengths, but a disposable vape was the consumer choice.

The Vape Device Shop Moves to the Disposable Vapes

While many vape brand shop were struggling during the Evali scare, and states were placing new warnings on vape products such as California to cause birth defects, the vapes disposable continued to grab market share. The Anti-Vape groups continued to push to ban vapor products, even though the composition of disposable vapes was simply glycerin nicotine and flavorings.

The Best Disposable Becomes The Largest Pre Filled Product

Disposable vapes continued to increase in size, and currently can be found with multiple flavors and rivaling any e cig. These vapes have larger batteries, and the bar disposable area houses up to 6ml of eliquid. Puff Bar no longer was the most popular item. All of the disposables now contain nicotine salts, and some are even using tobacco free nicotine.

Vaping As A Cessation Products Type

We have long enjoyed the vaping experience as an alternative to cigarettes. We understand that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. But the industry has done a good job keeping disposable vapes to keep out of reach of children, and implementing age verification systems at most vape shops.

Warning This Product Contains Nicotine

In 2017, the FDA began requiring any eliquid item to display a "nicotine is an addictive chemical" warning that was approximately 1/3rd of the vertical space on packaging. The vape industry complied even though their products only contained vegetable glycerin nicotine and flavoring.

Disposable Vapes - It's all about Puffs

Though the typical vapes contained similar flavors, for consumers puff count was everything. Bigger is better, and any item that has less puffs, quickly lost popularity at a shop. The best disposable vapes item quickly passed 1500 puffs, and now we even see multiple flavors in the same bar disposable with a combined puff count of 2500!

Ego Vape No Longer The Top Shop Products

With nic salt representing more than 50% of flavors being sold, and giving consumers the throat hit they desired, disposable vapes account for at least 20% of overall sales for a vaping device. Even cbd types are now available as a disposable flavors item.

Where Will Disposable Vapes Be Tomorrow?

It's clear these products are here to stay. The item is available in more flavors than ever before. The disposable vapes are easy to manufacture. And though they may contain nicotine, glycol and or vegetable glycerin, they provide the throat hit that consumers desire. Remember to check the minimum age in your territory, and always consult a physician before use of these products. Disposable vapes are not intended to cure any disease. They are available on this website, but please keep out of reach of children and pets. Adult smokers you must please consult your physician before purchasing a disposable vapes products item. With such a wide array of flavors and products, you should be able to find an item, that meets your needs.