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nicotine is an addictive chemical

RMEVape has a great selection of puff bar disposable device available. Our e liquid flavor options have everything to tantalize your taste buds! These pre filled product come in a huge variety of flavors, including banana ice, cool mint, lychee ice, and peach ice.

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Puff Bar Disposable

The puff bar comes in a wide variety of brands, though most contain a 5%/50mg nicotine concentration. The sale price of most pod device runs from $7.95 to $23.95. Remember, this product contains nicotine, and the legal smoking age for most states is 21.

The battery is build into the products, and they all contain salt nicotine. Vape disposables devices have been on the market now for almost 3 years. Add these to your other vape products as a convenient option as a bar. Though the puff bar started at 300 puffs, they now come in larger capacity with some as many as 2500 puffs per disposable.

Puff Plus

This product is a name many use for the larger capacity nicotine products. The bar puff flavors have expanded to include cafe latte and pineapple lemonade. The vape market has exploded with devices that use this draw system. There is no maintenance charging or refilling, which makes them a definite add to your shopping cart!

Though the puff bar has not been deemed harmful by the food and drug administration, these salt nic devices have been stated by the state of california, to possibly cause birth defects, high blood pressure, and reproductive harm. But most in the vape world feel that puff bars pose no long term issues and ignore the warning in california to cause birth defects, which is also known as the california proposition 65 warning.

As the pod device product contains nicotine, we never advise anyone use this nicotine strength if they aren't already nicotine dependent, and using related products.

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RMEVape Has The Best Prices on All Disposable Device

If you are looking for a puff bar disposable or any other pod device, and you are of legal smoking age, we have the product for you! Simply go to our products page and find the vape with the battery size and the right bar, then add to cart. We even offer free shipping on any puff bar purchase total over $12.00

We know you will find the right puff bar, and if you are looking for lush ice, we have you covered on your next vape! All of our e liquid products come from the top suppliers in the industry.

Remember, nicotine a chemical known to the state of california warning to cause health issues. But, we have found this product to add value to those that vape, compared to combustible tobacco.

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Puff Bar

If your vape is running low, stock up today, and add to cart now your favorite flavors. We will get your shipment out quickly, and get your vape order out to you soon!