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Smoking is harmful and disruptive. It produces toxic and foul-smelling smoke. Hence, a lot are slowly turning away from it. People who are looking to quit smoking now have their eyes towards vapes and vaping. Vaping is the process of inhaling the aerosol, or what people think as vapor, coming from e- juices and produced by a vaporizer. Unlike traditional smoking, vaping does not produce smoke, because it does not burn any substance. Rather, it heats up the e-juice in the heating chamber. This gives the hit and the fix you could get from smoking minus the ash and smoke. Vaporizers come in many shapes, sizes and style.

People who are new in the vaping industry can easily get confused with such a wide array of vaping devices. This makes choosing products to start your vaping journey a bit daunting.

To help starting vapers or those who’d like to switch to a better vaping product, we gathered information that could help you kick off your vaping journey. We’ll start with the introduction of one of the easiest vaping devices – vape pens. We’ll also provide some information regarding its closes kin, the box mods.

What is a Vape Pen?

Vaping pens are an offshoot of e-cigarettes, the first electronic, cigarette-looking device that provided nicotine fix via aerosols. E-cigarettes became a huge hit among many smokers who were trying to quit smoking, as it makes the transition from having to use a burning cigarette to just getting the much desired nicotine fix without the smoke.

While e-cigarettes are a cool thing, its design seems to be too traditional, noticeable, and people are just always looking for something new, and something better. This is when vaping pens came in.

Vaping pens are much better than the traditional e-cigarettes as it provided a more discreet and refreshing design. It no longer looks like the conventional cigarettes, but came in a pen-type appearance. And the nicotine hit? Better.

Despite the design upgrade, vaping pens maintained the conventional e-cig’s handiness. You can easily slip a vape pen into your pocket or pouch and take it anywhere with you.

Vaping pens do not require complex setting up to use, so you can get a good fix anytime, anywhere, without too much hassles.

For vaping pens to work its magic of providing much-desired nicotine fix, you will need to fill in its tank with your e-juice of choice. These e-juices usually contains vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring. While nicotine is the most common primary substance in vaping pens, there are also CBD and cannabis-containing juices to choose from. And, if you don’t feel like using refilling tanks, some vape pens makes use of pre-filled tanks. Pre-filled tanks eliminate the need for refilling which can sometimes be a hassle and cause leaking issues.

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What is Vape Mod/ Box Mod?

Vaping mods are modified vape pens, with higher battery capacity and added features. Vaping mods or box mods usually have its batteries separate from the unit, and allows for temperature changes. It can heat up in temperatures higher than the vape pen. This allows vapers to choose more substances to use with it. It also often comes with a replaceable tanks so that you can choose which brand of e-liquid to use.

A vaping mod has a separate tank that is over the mod, and usually uses a universal 510 thread cartridges to connect. This allows customization, so you can choose the one that suits your need.

The Difference Between Vape Pens and Vape Mods

For starters who are yet to establish their vaping style, it pays to know more about the products you’re eyeing to get. This prevents you from being disappointment. Getting frustrated on your first try due to poor product chooses can lead you to reverting to your old, unhealthy smoking habit. And since we’re into discussing two of the most popular vaporizers for on-the-go vapers and for newbies, let’s give them a better view of what they get from using a vape pen and a vape or box mod.

Both vaping pens and mods make a cool vaping device, but one will definitely stand out over the other is some aspects. To know which device is for you, read on.


Vape pens win this category, as they are smaller and easier to conceal. Its size allows vapers to take this vaporizer anywhere without drawing attention. And since it’s so small, you can take puff anywhere without getting noticed. With its small size comes a very lightweight. With these, it scores high in handiness.

So, if you’re the kind of vaper who like to get quick fixes on the road, then a vape pen will work best for you.

Ease of Use

Vape pens make transition from smoking to vaping easy because it involves fewer hassles when using the device. Filling up the tanks, if you choose refillable vapes, is straightforward, and can be done in a few steps. The features are no non-sense, so there is not much to familiarize yourself with. This is a great starter kit if you're still a beginner.

To turn the device on, simply click it a few times. There is no fuzzy, cumbersome assembly involved. Some vape pens even come with temperature-control feature for you to change the wattage to ensure proper substance heating.

Vaping mods are convenient, too, but learning to use a vape mod can take some time because it has more features and components to familiarize.

Once you’re more comfortable with a vape pen, you can slowly transition to box mods.

Vaping mods allow you to customize, and makes finding a sweet spot possible. Unlike vape pens, mods provide a more advance vaping level. This will make you enjoy a more pleasant vaping experience, guaranteed hits, and pleasure.

When out to buy your first vape mod, make sure you’ve done some product research to help you navigate the learning curve more efficiently.

Clearly, the pen-type device is the winner in the easy-to-use category.


With vape pens being simpler and smaller, it’s more affordable than vaping mods. The latter’s design and complexity make it more costly. But if you’d really like to take your vaping journey farther, by doing more customization and experiment with flavors and vapor production, then a vape mod will be worth the investment.

Battery Life

Vape pens use less power with every click of the button because it merely consumes minimal power to work. But, this could be considered a drawback because low heating means less flavorful vapor. And the minimal power requirement lead makers to sport vape pens with smaller batteries, that drain easily.

With these issues plaguing battery-life, modern vape pens addressed the problem by sporting vape pens with USB type C for fast charging. This allows you to use your vape pen with little charging time.

Meanwhile, vaping mods are fitted with bigger batteries. These batteries are external, so you’ll have to buy them separately from your mod. Mods requires bigger and better batteries as they have features which allows temperature change and different power levels to reach higher power output. This temperature customization, allows you to better control your vaping experience to produce more flavorful vapor.


A vape pen is made to be a handy device. But, its small size and light weight make it somewhat fragile. And since it's small, it becomes more prone to slipping off your hands. Consider this when buying a vape as it may not survive hard falls.

Mods, however are bigger, bulkier and comes in a sturdier case. With this, its easy to conclude that a mod is more durable than a pen.

Moreover, since a vape pen has built-in, you cannot replace them when they're damaged, leaving you without an option but to buy a new one. This is in contrast to a mod with a changeable battery, allowing for battery replacement when your old battery brand is worn out. 


There are different types of vape tanks. You can find a vape pen that bears a unique vape tank, so you won't be able to switch to different brands. This will give you little room on which brand of e-liquid to use. Meanwhile, others are more flexible and will allow you to fit tanks from different brands, giving you more options on which e-liquid to try.

Moreover, some vape brands have tanks that are attached to the device. These are refillable tanks. There's little room for choosing the brands of tank with this type. You can't switch nor size up your tank. So which one wins this category?

How It Works

The atomizer heats up the vape juice contained in the tank to produce aerosol. The user inhales the aerosol via the mouthpiece. The amount of aerosol release largely depends on the type of vaporizers used. To add more insight into vaping, if you're using a vaporizer which produces a resistance level below 1 ohm, this is called sub-ohm vaping.


How Much Do Vaping Pens Cost?

The price of vaping pens depend on a few factors such as contents, brand, capacity and whether its disposable or reusable pen. You can find a good vape pen starting USD 10 to over USD 100.

Is it Safe?

While it's wrong to say that vaping is safe, what is clear is it is less harmful than smoking. Since smoking produce smoke that's loaded with thousands of toxic elements, everyone is truly better off not smoking. And since a vape pen does produce smoke but aerosol or vapor, it cuts the risk by a hundred folds, and one of the best ways to start your smoking cessation journey. But since a vaping product contains nicotine, it still carries some risks. And as FDA requires, if a product contains nicotine, it should bear the words: warning this product contains nicotine. This warning label will make users aware that the product contains nicotine. All brands of vaping products, especially e-juice that contains nicotine should have this warning label. Moreover, only adults of smoking age are allowed to use vaping items. Sale to minors is strictly prohibited.

What is the Best Vape Pen for Beginners?

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