Of the thousands of vape juices on the market, the majority that are looking for something that packs a flavor with a sweet edge, turn to fruity vape juice options. And RMEVape's vape store will not disappoint, with a huge selection of fruity vape juice from Air Factory's Blue Razz to Coastal Cloud's Blood Orange Mango Snow Cone, and many more! Our resident flavor hounds have literally tested all of the vape juices to insure we stock the best selection from the top e-juice companies from the USA, including Fruitia, Nomenon, Savage Ripe 100, SVRF and more. For the top fruity vape juice selection, check out our store!

Fruity Vape Juice Flavors

With so many types of vape juice from Dessert to fruity vape juice, and all the rest, customers can feel overwhelmed trying to pick the optimal flavor for their taste buds. Below are some pointers for selecting the right vape juice for you!

Choose A Flavor That Matches What You Eat

Eating and vape are similar. If you match your e-liquid selection to things you like to eat, you will rarely go wrong. Here are some popular areas:

  • Candy Vape Juice:  Customers looking for the sweeter side will find a friend in candy e-liquids. From bursts to sours, there's a candy style juice that will satisfy those cravings.
  • Fruity Flavors: The fruit flavored vape juice is at the top of the food chain when it comes to e-liquid. At RMEVape we have hundreds of fruity vape juices from blue raspberry vape juice, to strawberry vape juice, and even ripe watermelon vape juice.
  • Tobacco e-Juice: Many former smokers aren't looking for a sweet option, and prefer something savory, with balance.  Tobacco flavors come in many forms, from straight savory to contrasting balance with custards and vanillas.
  • Dessert Flavor Vape Juice: Did someone mention dessert without the calories?About 15% of vaping consumers stick to dessert flavors.  Everything from backed cookies, cakes, and custards, you can have an endless vape juice collection of strictly dessert flavors.  If you crave something after a meal, you may want to give a dessert vape juice a shot!

Select The Right Nicotine Strength

Whether you select fruity vape juice or a eliquid from another category, the nicotine strength you select will be important to your vaping experience. Even though juices come in nicotine levels up to 50mg/ml, 3mg to 6mg are the go to strengths. It all comes down to your nicotine requirements. And the newer Salt Nicotine products allow you to vape a higher concentration with minimal harshness.

For those that want to vape no nicotine,  vape juices are usually offered in a zero nicotine option.

Buy From RMEVape.com

Using a reputable supplier, that stocks new vape juice consistently, is very important. At rmevape.com, we have a huge lineup of vape juices - candy flavored e-liquids, fruity vape juice, and more. Since we distro with the best vape brands in the USA, you can be sure that you will always find a great match and your vape juice flavor will be right for you!